Recruitment for operational staff

Recruitment for operational staff in retail, logistics and production is very challenging. The usual recruitment channels are not very effective for such jobs, thus IDTOTAL is offering a personalised service, which allows you to identify the most appropriate staff for full time or part time positions.

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Recruitment for operational staff

IDTOTAL has extensive experience in recruitment projects for operational staff and can support you in identification of the correct candidates, no matter how difficult the position is. If you are looking for logistic, retail or production staff, you can outsource these projects to our recruitment teams, and you will have the confidence of obtaining prompt and tangible results.

Recruitment of operational staff

The operational staff is directly productive, they are the front line employees interacting with customers or facilitating production or logistic processes. In each quarter, there are tens of thousand of positions in Romania which are not occupied, especially in activities which involve labour. The loses which are caused by these vacant jobs are most of the times not recoverable, as they are causing loss of business or clients. This is why, we assist you with efficient solutions to occupy without delays the operational job openings.

Who needs these services?

The operational staff that we can provide is normally requested by companies active in retail, logistics, production, constructions, etc.

What kind of positions you can recruit?

We can identify suitable candidates for any operational position, all around Romania. In general, positions for which we have had most demand were those of retail agent, logistic personnel and production staff.

How you can identify the recruited staff?

We have several ways to identify the appropriate candidates for each position, from databases to personal recommendation, direct interviews, social media posts, etc.

How long is a recruitment process?

Customised recruitment projects may take 1-2 weeks for simple projects up to 6 weeks for more complex ones, which involve a large number of positions or special skills.

What is the cost of the recruitment process?

The tariff for the recruitment process is calculated separately for each project, based on the type and number of open positions, duration, skills required, etc. The tariffs for these services are very competitive and the results obtained are much superior to other recruitment options companies usually have.

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