Marketing campaigns

Traditional campaigns involve the formation of a project team that, based on an agreed timetable, covers a suite of physical locations with product activations or activities of direct contact with the final consumer. In addition to these activities that have an immediate impact, resulting from the interaction with a Brand Advisor, IDTotal can also offer a digital component of the campaign, in the form of in-store coupons, personalized offers, etc.

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Better results with effective consumer campaigns

Managing a campaign at national level requires very good coordination of all departments involved, as well as good communication with the client’s team. The objectives we want to ensure that we achieve in all projects of this type are: compliance with planning, implementation of all proposed activities reaching the agreed performance criteria (KPI’s).

Frequently asked questions about this service

There are some important issues that need to be clarified before starting such a project in order to achieve the expected results. The initial analysis is performed by the IDTotal project team together with the client’s team and aims to identify all existing risks and challenges that must be solved in order to implement a successful project.

Who needs consumer campaigns?

Consumer campaigns are an extremely effective marketing tool for products where the level of competition is very high. We live in a world where consumers are assailed by information both offline and online.

Gaining consumer attention is much more effective through direct contact in a promotional campaign, but this type of marketing tool is more expensive than traditional advertising (ATL).

Therefore, national field campaigns or integrated campaigns are recommended for organizations that have national coverage and have a budget that allows them to support them in parallel with activations carried out on traditional channels. It is advisable to repeat these campaigns every 3-6 months, in order to provide better consumer loyalty.

What are the most effective channels for implementing a campaign?

The mechanisms and channels chosen for each campaign are established according to the specifics of the message and products with the client and possibly with the creative agency that defines the campaign.

Channels can be different, from hypermarkets to Horeca locations or event spaces, depending on the specifics of the audience and the mechanism of the campaign.

How can a traditional campaign be associated with a digital campaign?

The implementation of each campaign will be based on the script received from the creative agency and it is very important that the message sent is consistent across all channels on which the consumer is targeted.

Consumer campaigns, being a BTL type marketing tool, also allows the collection of feedback from consumers, which brings an extra commitment and allows the adjustment of strategy decisions.

What are the results you can expect after implementing a national campaign?

A national campaign can achieve several goals, and depending on the mechanics on which it is built, it can have a greater impact on sales or consumer engagement for the brand, but there are other results that can be achieved, such as long-term loyalty , cross-sales, consumers being attracted to secondary brands or other products in the same range as their favorite products, increasing the frequency of purchase, etc.

In general, campaign results have a much faster visible effect than any other form of promotion, and consumers tend to retain this interaction for much longer compared to other promotional messages sent through other channels.

How much does a nationwide campaign cost?

The costs of a campaign at national level are set individually, depending on the number of locations covered, the number of people involved and the activities required (if it also involves logistics, how many hours are allocated for each activation, etc.).

For a competitive evaluation of your project you can send us the details through the Request for offer form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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