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We support consumer goods companies (FMCG) to manage POSM materials allocated for campaigns. We ensure their complete logistics at national level, regardless of the volumes or the complexity of the materials. Through a unitary management of the material and human resource, we ensure the achievement of the objectives set for the campaigns.

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Active inventory services, fixed assets

Outsourcing of inventory is a service that addresses retailers and companies in the field of logistics and distribution and allows them to obtain significant benefits by outsourcing inventory activities of goods and stocks carried out in their locations to a specialized company. Goods and inventory inventory services are a modern product, available on request, in any location in the country.

Active inventory services, fixed assets and patrimony

Outsourcing the inventory of fixed assets and inventory items is a service that addresses all heritage organizations with many assets and work points and that allows them to obtain in a very short time a correct situation of assets both from an accounting and logistics.

When do you need to outsource inventory services?

Inventory is a mandatory activity, both from the legal point of view and from the point of view of the business responsibilities of the administrator, being necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the companies that manage stocks. There are several signals you can use to figure out when you need to outsource inventory services:

  • You have reached a large number of your own locations (over 10), distributed over long distances, and the mobilization of staff for inventory has become a problem (you have difficulty attracting staff to inventory commissions)
    The product nomenclature has reached more than 5,000 codes. In this situation, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage an inventory, even when using barcode-based software, because exceptions or scanning errors may occur from staff who do not have this daily experience. Leonhardt
  • You are suspected of fraud or inventory manipulation. If you are reporting shortages in the store or if inventories are always performing very well, it’s time to do an independent inventory check.
  • You have very large stocks of merchandise and need to close the store or warehouse in order to complete the inventory, which means you lose sales during the inventory.

How are the products identified by the supplier's teams?

The identification of the products by the inventory teams is done in most cases with the help of barcodes, by loading the product nomenclatures in mobile computers with barcode scanners. Inventory agents will scan product labels one by one so that product identification is secure and accurate. There are cases where, if the products do not have barcode labels, their identification can be done by entering the product codes in the keyboard of the mobile terminals.

How do you make sure you inventory all products or that the same products are not scanned multiple times?

The inventory procedure used by IDTotal allows the detection and correction of any possible human errors that occurred during the inventory. Unique code tags are used in each inventory location to determine a scan area, and the IDStock + computer application automatically identifies any cases where a scan area is not scanned or scanned multiple times at the scanning level. product.

Is it necessary to interrupt the economic activity in order to make an inventory?

We have teams all over the country, as well as in neighboring countries – the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia and we can cover several locations simultaneously, both in the work schedule of customer locations and outside the program (night or weekend). Therefore, by outsourcing it is not necessary to interrupt the economic activity of the activity with the clients, protecting at the same time the internal personnel of the company, which can carry out its normal activity immediately after the completion of the inventory.

How much do goods and inventory services cost?

The tariff for inventory services is established according to the size of the stock, the geographical distribution of the stores, the number of unique codes in the nomenclature of items, the period of development and the frequency of the inventory. From a financial point of view, the outsourcing of inventory is justified from the first location, given the lower costs, saving sales, business continuity and the higher level of accuracy and independence achieved.

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