Today’s campaigns are increasingly a fusion between promotion on traditional channels and promotion in the online environment. IDTotal facilitates this approach by providing complementary tools to traditional campaigns, which can ensure good visibility and promotion online. Promotion possibilities include advertorials, SEO and Facebook campaigns, but also web or mobile applications.

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Integrated digital campaigns

By collaborating with IDTotal, you can bring together traditional and digital campaigns, thus ensuring the transmission of a consistent message on all channels through which contact with the consumer is followed. The digital skills of the IDTotal team cover the most common ways to promote in the online environment.

Frequently asked questions about digital campaigns

Online campaigns can be implemented in a complementary way to traditional ones, but they can also be independent ways of communicating with consumers. Given that the way consumers interact is indirect and that data that can be collected is subject to GDPR regulations applicable in the EU, additional precautions are needed for companies wishing to implement such campaigns.

Who are online campaigns normally aimed at?

The most common option is to implement an online campaign in addition to a traditional physical promotion campaign. This will ensure an increase in the relevance and penetration of marketing messages, as well as a greater degree of coverage. The efficiency of this tool is greater if the campaign started in the physical and online environment can be continued, offering the consumer different digital experiences that can increase brand loyalty.

Thus, these campaigns are suitable for companies operating in the field of FMCG (production, distribution), but also for any companies that want to increase the level of customer loyalty and commitment.

What types of campaigns can you implement?

The promotion channels are chosen depending on the target consumer considered, the type of products promoted, the customer’s preferences, the brand strategy communicated by the creative agency, but also the available budget.

The IDTotal team can support you in implementing successful digital campaigns on the following channels:

  • Google SEO Campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns through dedicated sites or applications for your own customers
  • WEB Sites
  • Mobile applications
  • Innovative ways to motivate and connect with consumers – such as sending coupons, QR-codes, etc.

What are the results and how does it differ from a BTL campaign?

The results obtained depend on the type of message transmitted, the mechanics implemented, the number of channels used, the frequency of promotion, etc.

Usually, the expected results are immediately visible in sales for campaigns with mechanics directly related to sales (coupons, discount activations, packages, etc.), but may also be visible in the longer term, if the main goal was loyalty and increasing consumer engagement.

In terms of reports submitted, at the end of the campaign you will receive a complete summary of the actions taken and the measured impact (number of hits, clicks, conversions, etc.).

How much does it cost to implement an online campaign?

Each campaign is unique, a cost can only be determined from a detailed analysis of the requirements, the time allotted for implementation and the performance indicators followed.

For a complete and no obligation analysis, please use the contact form.

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