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We support brands that want to improve the relationship with consumers by building communication / promotion campaigns with brand ambassadors and promoters. Direct presence campaigns can bring the best results compared to other promotional channels, given direct contact with consumers and immediate feedback.

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A premium experience

Promotional campaigns involving brand ambassadors or promoters create a premium experience for consumers, through direct interaction that can increase the level of loyalty and commitment. Depending on the mechanics of the promotion – participation in games, answering questions, raffles, preferential prices, gift giving, the impact of the campaigns will be special.

What we need to know if we want to organize such campaigns

Organizing campaigns involving brand ambassadors and promoters is appropriate in certain situations, and their integration into the marketing strategy is mandatory. The most common aspects to consider in organizing such campaigns are set out below.

When do you need brand teams of ambassadors and promoters?

Organizing teams of brand ambassadors or promoters can be done as part of a complex marketing strategy, in the following situations:

  • There is already a multi-channel communication strategy and we want to correlate the general message of the campaign with a specific mechanism implemented on the relevant sales channels
  • The products or services are premium and suitable for a special presentation
  • The campaign is for a new product / service on the market and it is intended to explain the benefits directly to ensure rapid market penetration

On which channels can these campaigns be used?

Campaigns of this type can be implemented on any channel that is relevant to the target consumers of the product or service – hypermarkets, supermarkets, horeca, public spaces, etc.

In which areas of the country can you provide coverage?

We can provide coverage with our teams nationwide, based on an agreed schedule.

What are the expected results after the implementation of such a campaign?

After the implementation of such a campaign, the usual results are an increase in consumer engagement, a boost in sales in the area where the campaign took place, and in the long run an increase in the level of loyalty.

How much do brand promotion services for ambassadors and promoters cost?

The budget for such campaigns is calculated according to the number of people allocated, the number of activations carried out, the logistics required and the type of mechanics used.

We can also provide logistics for POSM or product stocks.

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